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Postby waywyrd » Thu Feb 06, 2014 10:22 am

My user name is Waywyrd which I borrowed from a book called Way of Wyrd by Simon Bates. Basically it's a story centered around a Christian monk who lands in Anglo Saxon Britain to spread the gospel of Christianity, but ends up realising that there is no one God and that everything is connected. That man isn't superior to nature, and our actions for better or worse have an effect on everything else.

While I have no wish to go back to the 'Stone Age' way of living, no electricity, no hospitals, constantly having to hunt for food just to stay alive, I still believe that man is not superior to the rest of nature. We still need to 'clean up our act' with regards to the planet we live on. I have no problems with breeding animals for meat, except for the fact we throw away too much of the carcasses of the animals we feed on.

With regards to religions and politicians, I believe they only want power for their own ends. And they don't really give 'two hoots' for the man in the street. I see very few images of politicians or religious leaders who don't look very prosperous and well off, no matter what country or religion they happen to be in. Despite the fact that a lot of them live in countries plagued by food shortages and civil wars!

This is of course IMHO. :thinks:

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