Veronica talking in Lichfield on Friday, 18th December, 2009

(or: My Sort-Of Paganmas Present)

Although I did other talks on my tour, and said many of the same things, it mostly came together for me by the time I got to Lichfield.

And I'm glad I recorded it, because it forms the basis of my 'platform' for the future.

Please be aware that I was speaking totally off the cuff, without any notes, and some of the things I said were not correct in detail. There were also interruptions which I have mainly edited out. For these reasons, some of the things others have heard me say, were lost (not said). For these reasons I've created a page for each segment (I've had to create approximately 10-minute Segments in order to be able to upload. The whole thing, as one piece, is too large). On the page for the Segment you'll find the corresponding corrections in written form.

I hope to create a one-piece of this - including interwoven corrections - and thus create a 'film'. If anyone is interested, then please e-mail me via the WebSite Forum and - if I succeed in creating the film - I'll send you a copy.

(I have threatened some people that I will send them DVDs. Subsequently, on review, there are too many errors for just slinging out what I had. So I have elected for this method instead)

Anyone who has done any Video Editing knows how long it takes. And it will take me a while to create these Segments. So I've arranged links below, plus a note as to whether or not the Segment is ready. If you are interested, then Bookmark this page & keep checking. I should be able to produce a few Segments a day (but there are quite a lot of them. The whole thing is 2 hours and 15 minutes long)

(PS: Yes ... I wished I'd done something about my hair ... as well)

Segment 1 - completed.      Segment 2 - completed.      Segment 3 - completed.      Segment 4 - completed.      Segment 5 - completed.

Segment 6 - completed.      Segment 7 - completed.      Segment 8 - completed.      Segment 9 - completed.      Segment 10 - completed.

Segment 11 - completed.      Segment 12 - completed.      Segment 13 - completed.      Segment 14 (and 15) - completed.

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