Subject: Fwd: Re: Second round in Croatian court
From: Veronica
Date: 11/4/14 6:24 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

All because he didn't click "Confirm" on a payment ... deciding (instead) that he was a free man, and not someone's fucking Slave (to be shat upon absent lubricant).

Dear Vladimir,

Holy shit!!!!!


Veronica xxx
(From a very barbarian country, under the VERY thin veneer of 'civilisation')

On 11/4/14 6:06 pm, Vladimir Peric wrote:
> Well I caught them big time on 2nd hearing. They are so in trouble and 
> they do not even know what will I do to them. If all goes well there 
> will be enough money to bring certain Veronica as a lecturer to our 
> somewhat barbarian country.
> Imagine this - stupid law firm who was hired by ccc hired another law 
> firm without approval from ccc CEO. So lawyer presented in-valid 
> papers and I asked: Who appointed you to represent them?
> She said: Law firm xy
> I said: they are not plaintiff. So you are not here representing 
> plaintiff. So you should be escorted out.
> She panicked and judge saved her arse once again by scheduling (again) 
> new hearing. And when she asked me will I sign court record I said no, 
> you still have not presented single evidence of your jurisdiction, why 
> should I sign?
> So a week passed and I dropped by the courthouse to check is there 
> anything new filed... And found treasure of evidence of their crime 
> sindicate. All of their appointments are fake. Original law firm filed 
> plaintiffs approval to represent them against me dated ONE YEAR AFTER 
> THEY (LAW FIRM) SUED ME IN THEIR NAME!!! And then they hired another 
> law firm without express approval from plaintiff.
> I will so fuck them all absent lubricant. They will pay big time. They 
> all have insurance worth over 1 million €.
> I am going after the lawyers now. Some of them might lose their 
> licences hehehe! For messing with me about lousy 1400 € created from 
> thin air.
> I am translating courthouse audios but will not release them on 
> youtube before I am done with those criminals. You are gonna love it!
> Seems that I managed to create a situation where 3 lawyers, judge and 
> court clerk face jail time.
> Vladimir