Subject: Something I'd forgotten about ...
From: Veronica
Date: 9/4/14 11:11 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... but Jay has reminded me.

Having looked at her Council Tax demand for 2014, she noticed that they'd included a new paragraph:

7.              General Council tax reductions
We also have powers to reduce or remit the amount of council tax payable to such extent as we see fit.    This is a discretionary power we have and we will determine under which circumstances we consider a reduction in council tax will be appropriate. People wishing to apply for a discretionary reduction should apply in writing setting out the reasons why the council tax should be reduced.
She wondered if this was 'new'.

Well, it isn't. That provision has always been there ... as many Freemen-on-the-Land realised many Moons ago.

You'll notice that they 'want reasons' ... and I dismissed it because I never want to get involved in 'specifics' ... which only work in a specific instance.

I've only ever been interested in 'What works for everyone'.

But I've just realised ... there is a 'non-specific' answer.

How about:

Dear Sirs,

I'm writing to tell you to remit the Council Tax <ref> demand in full under the provision - in your Regulations - that allows for this. The reason is because your demand is ILLEGAL AND UNLAWFUL under the British Constitution's Bill of Rights 1689.  This means that pursuing any amount of your demand would constitute a CRIMINAL ACT on your part.

I give you fourteen (14) days to act under that provision and write back confirming that you have remitted the full amount.

Please note: If you need to 'pay for Local Services', then I suggest you tell the Government to re-issue Bradbury-style Treasury Notes, according. It is, after all, their job. And always was.

Sincerely, without vexation, ill-will or frivolity,

Peaceful Inhabitant
Without any admission of any liability for anything whatsoever, and with all Natural, Fundamental, Indefeasible Rights reserved.