Subject: There has been an awful lot of bollox written ...
From: Veronica
Date: 8/4/14 8:42 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... about the "Westminster Parliament".

Mark pointed me to this posting on the GetOutOfDebtFree Forum:

The authors blindly assert that "Parliament is Sovereign" ... but (you may notice) ... (and, as usual) ... NEVER EXPLAINING HOW THAT COULD POSSIBLY BE.

Reason: Because it was plucked out of ARSES.

Why? Because that's the only place it could ever have come from ... absent a Referendum - RESPONDED TO 100% IN FULL AGREEMENT BY EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER BEEN BORN IN ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, WALES & NORTHERN IRELAND .... including all those YET TO BE BORN ... agreeing to that "Sovereignty".

And I don't agree it ... so that Referendum-that-has-never-taken-place immediately fails.

Of course, the other interesting thing - about that discourse - is the fact that the English & Scottish Parliaments made the Treaty of Union WHICH DESTROYED THEMSELVES.

How can something ... make something ... that immediately destroys itself? That would mean the Treaty of Union came from things which did not exist.

But then ... if you pluck "Sovereignty" out of your arse ... I guess you can do anything ... can't you?

You can make up any fairy story you like (and write formal-sounding books about it ... can't you?)

Dream on ... so-called "Sovereign Parliament" ... dream on.