Subject: Yes see ... I get sent stuff like this:
From: Veronica
Date: 31/3/14 11:34 am
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Which is from 2012, and is like: "Oooooh Freeman-on-the-Land is VERY DANGEROUS!"

YES! If you are a Muppet ... it IS!

I said so, in my book! In 2009! I said it's "a Ring of Fire"!


Get the difference?


He said: “I’ve read up a bit on the magna carta ...
Yes ... "a bit" ... (obviously not a sufficiently big bit?)

“They arrested me that night, bundled me into court the next day and I was still digging my heels in. I asked about the oath of office and whether I could see it [???????] and that got me 14 days for contempt of court,” said Mr Jones.
"14 days for Contempt of Court"?

How? How did they prove to him that it was a Court? (That he could be in Contempt of?)

They've never proved that to anyone I know. When Guy Taylor & Mike Bridger have asked them that SPECIFICALLY ... they always run for cover. "Contempt of Court" is a COMMON LAW misdemeanor that must be assessed to CRIMINAL STANDARDS i.e. beyond reasonable doubt ... and ... since a Maggot's Circus has no Common Law jurisdiction, they have no jurisdiction to assess it.

Only a Crown Court has that jurisdiction.

Which means that the Maggot's Circus can MAKE THE COMPLAINT ... and then a Crown Court will decide (AT SOME FUTURE DATE) whether or not you committed Contempt of Court.

Get it?

If you walk into a Ring of Fire, make sure you are fully suited & booted.

He asked "Whether he could see their Oath?" ... THAT IMMEDIATELY TOLD THEM HE WAS A COMPLETE CUNT ... and that they could do what they liked with him.

Then, how did they get him into prison: "Are you Douglas Jones?" ... "Yes" ... "Oh ... you're in!"