Subject: The Truth about Lloyd Pye
From: Veronica
Date: 31/3/14 11:48 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Here's a section from his autobiography:
I was born in Houma, Louisiana, on September 7, 1946, on the leading edge of the famous “Baby Boom,” among the first crop of offspring born to the young men and women who as children endured the Great Depression and as young adults survived World War II.

My mother endured 50 hours of labor in a small clinic before she died. As soon as she died, I was cut out of her in the hope my life could be saved. It was, but my head was so misshapen from the long labor that the doctor felt I was hopelessly brain damaged. He told my father that his wife was dead and I  would be a “vegetable.” As was acceptable at that time, Dad was asked for permission to let me "expire" along with Mom so he could start over fresh from this terrible turn of events.

Dad was wrestling with that awful decision when Mom suddenly came back to life! She had become one of those rare individuals who have gone deep into the brilliant white tunnel of death, seen and spoken to her own deceased father on "the other side," and returned by her own choice to live on. Miraculously, in a time before ultrasounds when she had no way to know the gender of her unborn child, she told the apparition of her father that she could not stay, she had a son that she needed to return to and look after. She has since survived five other near-deaths, none quite as dramatic as that first one at 19, and she is still alive in her early 80s.

What does that say? His mother 'died' giving birth to him. Yet she came back to life.

She's still alive today.

Lloyd died on December 9th, 2013, holding her hand.

Lloyd was Virgo, just like me. (Virtually 2 years younger than me). Lloyd graduated from University in 1968. I graduated from University in 1968. At one point we had a bit of a chuckle about these similarities.

The problem was: He was a Virgo. Which meant 'telling him he was wrong' was problematic ... to say the least! (Try telling me I'm wrong ... and you'll know what I mean!)

You had to be careful how you HINTED at things.

His home was in Destin, Florida. Right on the Gulf Coast.

When the Deep Horizon 'accident' occurred (April 2010), he told me he could "smell the benzine, in the air".

Benzine is a known carcinogen, and it was well-established that the Deep Horizon 'accident' screwed up the sea life in that area, and the surrounding shore.

I HINTED all of this to Lloyd (as did others), but - it was his home - and that was that.

Suddenly, in 2013, Lloyd dropped the bombshell that he had cancer. Right out of the blue. Again we pleaded with him to 'go Homeopathic', but he chose 'minimal radiation therapy', in Germany.

It seemed to work ... and he seemed to improve ... then ... once again suddenly ... 'the end' was 'deemed inevitable'.

Know what I think? While, on the one hand, Lloyd (characteristically) took all responsibility for his demise - admitting fully that he was the master of his own fate just before he died - I think British Petroleum gave him a very hefty 'push'.

(And I'm not the only one!)