Subject: Posted today ...
From: Veronica
Date: 31/3/14 11:18 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

"It is impossible to make some understand something, when their job/livelihood depends on them NOT understanding it"

This applies to: Politicians, Civil Servants, Police, Bailiffs, Magistrates, Judges, Court Clerks, Solicitors, Barristers, Local 'Authority' Staff ... etc. etc. etc.

(Also includes   David Icke, Alex Jones, Luke Rudowski, UK Column . etc. etc. etc)

Thus, the only way forward is to stop bothering to "try to make them understand" ... but TO FORCE THE TRUTH DOWN THEIR THROATS.

So ... in line with that ... my revised rebuttal to Council Tax demand ... see final paragraph:

31st March 2014

Dear Sirs,

I write in response to the attached paperwork, which I return for your safe keeping.

The reason for this is because the paperwork comprises an unlawful demand for £48, which I have absolutely no obligation whatsoever to pay, because I’m not your Slave.

  1. You have provided no credible evidence to support any contention that I am your Slave, and
  2. Slavery was abolished centuries ago by good men.

Furthermore, over 325 years ago, your demand – which is in the nature of a forfeiture from myself – was ruled “illegall & void” by the British Constitution’s Bill or Rights 1689, thus:

Grants of Forfeitures.

That all Grants and Promises of Fines and Forfeitures of particular persons before Conviction are illegall and void.

 ... see

Thus, unless you can show that I have been convicted - of something related to your demand - I have no obligation to forfeit anything. Do I? Obviously any ‘conviction’ you may subsequently obtain, is also “null & void” because your original demand is “illegall & void”. Isn’t it?

The late Lord Denning was on record as saying that “You can’t build something on nothing” which, translated to this instance, means “You can’t build a conviction for non-payment on no obligation in the first place”. Thus all of the “assessing” you do counts for absolutely nothing. Unless, of course, you retain the ability to re-write history, including the re-introduction of Slavery. That is something beyond most people – simply because history has happened, is solid fact, and cannot be changed.

These same arguments can be made by anyone to whom you send your unlawful demands. To attempt to enforce unlawful demands is a definition of CRIMINAL … BECAUSE NONE OF US ARE YOUR FUCKING SLAVES! ANY of us!

You were warned about all this last year. You were warned what would happen to you, if you persist. Go read last year’s correspondence. And don’t bother me again.

Yours sincerely, without ill-will, vexation, or frivolity,

Peaceful Inhabitant & Non-Slave
(Without any admission of any liability whatsoever, and with all Indefeasible Natural Rights, reserved)

Hounslow Revenue Services,

PO Box 355,

Hounslow TW3 4PJ.


PS Hedley: Yes ... I used a profanity yet again! You may be comforted to know that I took out quite a few of them ... but I had to leave one it ... otherwise 'it's just not me'.