Subject: It may be necessary for me to admit ...
From: Veronica
Date: 29/3/14 11:40 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... that I've been wrong ... for most of my life.

(I do say "maybe" ... because ... currently ... I'm not sure)

One of the most important things that came out of watching Mark Passio's Seminar (links posted previously), was this screen and his concurrent discussion, was this screen:

"FORCE and VIOLENCE are often spoken about as though they are exactly the same, and used interchangeably [Hey! Think 'Legal' & 'Law'!] when, in fact, they are diametrically opposed, polar opposites [Hey! Think 'Legal' & 'Law'!]"

Force =  Simply the capacity to do Work (simple Physics) ... and is ALWAYS INTRINSICALLY LAWFUL WHEN ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DO THAT WORK..

Violence = APPLICATION of 'force' in UNLAWFUL CIRCUMSTANCES i.e. When one DOES NOT have the Right to do that work.

I've always been a HATER of "guns".

My argument has been that they are ALWAYS DE-structive ... and never CON-structive.

I've been told "Guns save lives!" ... and my response was "No ... guns TRADE lives! When a gun is used ... something dies. That's not 'saving lives'".

But ... when I think about "The use for Force ... in Self-Defence ... which could involve a gun" ... then I'm not so sure that my life-long attitude has been correct.

In point of fact ... thinking about it that way ... the only thing that keeps me stuck to my life-long view is: "'They' ALWAYS have more, and bigger, guns than I could possibly have. And 'They' have zero morality about using them. So where does that get anyone?".

However, there are other ("non-gun") methods of employing Force, and I'll be putting something out later today, along those lines.

Primarily because, Mark Passio is RIGHT! And it's long past time we 'upped the ante' on these bastards.

And I firmly believe, from collected information, over the past few years, we could come up with a method of STANDING FIRM .... RELATIVELY SAFELY (ULTIMATELY)

What do I mean by that? I mean that one might go through a bit of "Fire & Brimstone" ... for a while ... but ULTIMATELY one ends up with "not a hair out of place". And, while in the "Fire & Brimstone" ... all one has to do is to keep calm ... and KNOW that you will come through with "not a hair out of place".

"not a hair out of place" means:

You still have everything you started with, you didn't (COULDN'T!) end up in jail ... and there was fuck-all they could do to you afterwards (for all their "Fire & Brimstone"!) AND THEY ARE, CONSEQUENTLY, FUCKED ... having got absolutely NOWHERE.

But ... between the start and the end ... they threw everything they had at you ... and it didn't work!

It would take courage. I would take the unshakable belief that you KNOW - EXACTLY - what they are capable of ...and you KNOW - EXACTLY ... how they are not going to succeed, and why.

I will send out more. Stay tooned.