Subject: Independence for Orkey & Shetland
From: Veronica
Date: 29/3/14 4:20 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

If you Google this:

... you will find many recent articles discussing the possibility of the Orkney & Shetland Isles becoming 'independent'.

They are ALL utter bollox.

Because they all refer to the "Our Islands, Our Future" Campaign ... SEEKING PERMISSION to become independent.

When there is no such need to 'seek' anything at all.

You can't 'leave' something when it cannot be proved you 'joined' (in the first place).

Thus the "Our Islands, Our Future" Campaign is UTTER HORSESHIT run by (what obviously are) nothing more than a collection toadies.

The LAST thing you do is "ask permission" or "petition" anyone for something you already have. Stuart Hill has already proved that the only so-called 'evidence' is The Word of Brian ... in his fallacious & ludicrous 'Magazine Article'.

If any of the Mainstream Media had any dignity or credibility at all, they would be running headlines like: "When did the Shetland Isles actually become a part of Scotland"?

Until they do ... they are printing acres of HORSESHIT.

This article:

... actually comes closest to the REAL situation ... because all it says is:

Much of the potential oil reserves lie in the territorial waters of the Shetland Islands, whose population would rather be part of Norway than of an independent Scotland.

Whereas ... the Scots UTTERLY DEPEND on those oil reserves. It's the only way they ever hope to achieve 'balanced books'. And that's the frightening thing. And that's why The Word of Brian must be relied upon.