Subject: Mark Passio
From: Veronica
Date: 28/3/14 2:29 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Mark Passio was (I think) mentioned in Milton Keynes ... when I stayed with Mick & Linda.

I'd never heard of him, so I didn't know who they were talking about.

However ... "the usual SYNCHRONICITY kicked in ... and completed" when I got an e-mail from Tommy, the other day ... including a link.

Well ... I get a lot of links sent to me ... and I generally only watch a few minutes or so - until I hear a bit of bollox ... and then click "Delete".

But Mark Passio is REAL!

And the links to his Seminar are:

I notice that this was recorded by Richard Grove (and his partner, Lisa). I was in contact with Richard back in 2006. His office, in WTC1 ... was the one that was blown up ... or ... at least ... his office was a part of the bit that was destroyed to make it 'look like a plane had hit'. It was Richard who really switched me on to the possibility that "it wasn't done by a plane".

Because of the confusion, on that morning, Richard was stuck in traffic - in his open-topped sports car - trying to get to work, when suddenly the building exploded (in front of him).

I asked him: "Did you see a plane?" ... and he said "You know ... that's the funny thing that puzzles me ... no - I didn't!"

I am so pleased to see that he has picked himself (and Lisa) up from their position of being ostracised by everyone ... for trying to explain 'their bit of the' Truth about 9/11 ... which is based on the financial corruption by Richard's bosses at the time (Marsh MacLenon), and their associates ... a security company called Kroll (Ian!). 
Anyway, when I saw Richard's name in the credits, that was a big plus to "view on ...".

And I'm certainly glad I did.

It's perfectly true that Mark explains - and re-explains - everything in pretty much the minutest detail ... almost to the point where you want him to move on a bit.

But, if 'repeating yourself' is a crime ... then I'm probably the worst offender.

However ... if you weren't at my Milton Keynes Presentation, then Mark says it ALL in those videos, anyway. (In a far more detailed and all-encompassing manner) (Leaving no turn unstoned ... particularly the New Age/Ishtar Command bollox!)

If you read my book, you'll see that I said a hell of a lot of it ... back in 2009.

If you've been in contact with me since then, you'll know that I've been treading an identical path since 2009 ... to come to identical conclusions (some of which I expressed in Milton Keynes).

When you listen to Mark's attitudes, to what he does, and why, I can assure you they are also mine, exactly. WE JUST HAVE A MORAL OBLIGATION ... no other reason.

(The only thing is ... I wasn't a Priest, in the Church of Satan, for 10 years)

But ... apart from that ... for example ... what did I say in my book ... about Laws of Nature?

1. Man-made? NO!
2. Court required? NO!
3. Penalty for breaking it? NO ... because it can't be broken. But then, I was only writing about the Laws of Physics.

However, Mark may be right ... when he says "Natural Law can be broken ... BUT THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES" ... in the context he's talking about.

Well worth the time watching. Don't get bored. Stick with it.

PS Oh! Listen to his description of "money"! (And "gold"!) MONEY = MON EYE = ONE EYE