Subject: Funny old world ...
From: Veronica
Date: 22/3/14 7:35 pm
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(From Jay)

There I was ... 5 years ago ... saying this (actually back in the 1980s ...):

(See my Book: Freedom Is More Than Just A Seven-Letter Word)

Now the Bank of England OPENLY admits that "Money is an ILLUSION".

And: NO INTEREST HAS EVER ... OR COULD EVER ... BE CREATED IN ORDER TO PAY THE INTEREST ON ANY DEBT. So ... everyone who manages to pay Interest ... and everyone who makes "money from investments" ... only manages to do so ... on the backs of those who become bankrupt.

That's the system ... and has always been the system.

But still ... it's only "A Branch" ... actually more like "The Trunk" ... but it's not "The Root".

The Root is that "There is a Government to enable it all to carry on regardless, and to provide it with all the support it has ever needed. Labour, Conservative, Liberal, Green, UKIP ... you name it ... doesn't matter".