Subject: More "Branches" .vs. "Roots"
From: Veronica
Date: 21/3/14 10:28 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

It has been suggested that my Council Tax letter (sent out earlier today) constitutes "Branch" as opposed to "Root".

Errr ... no ... it's "Root", viz:

1. Root = "You have no authority over me. You have no right to demand anything from me. I am not your slave. I am under no obligation to pay you any forfeit"

(2. Also FUN, anyway!!! A "Branch" would be OK ... as a method of having FUN! Just as long as it doesn't distract too much ... such that you might lose focus.

"Branch" would be = "I'm withholding in protest that you send 1/3 of it to the EU. I'm withholding it because I disagree about funding wars overseas ... etc ... yada ... yada ... yada. In other words, "all the activist reasons", which don't go to the Root)
Get the difference?

I hope so.