Subject: More Milton Keynes Presentation
From: Veronica
Date: 20/3/14 11:31 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

The main thrust of my Presentation in Milton Keynes, last Sunday, was to point out that 99.999% of what both the Mainstream Media and the Alternative Media (Blogs, etc) are on about ... are “branches”.

“Branches” of the same fundamental problem, just in a different wrapper.

As we know, a tree (such as “The Tree of Evil”), can have an indeterminate number of branches.

But only ONE “root”.

And, if you lop off a BRANCH, it will grow again.

Only by killing the ROOT, does it die.

And so my Presentation went in search of the ROOT.

And we discovered that the ROOT … was YOU.

Or, more specifically, WHAT YOU BELIEVE.


Which is: “That we need a Government, a Ruling Class, to watch over us, and to make sure we all live peacefully together. To enact Statutes, in order to ensure that peace”.

Because, quite obviously, without that … we would all run amok … there would be mayhem … ANARCHY!

Because, without “Government”, none of us have a clue how to “live in peace” … do we?

Do we?

Well, of course we do! We do it all the time! Day in, day out! We all know what peace is … and how to achieve it.

Of course, there are … A FEW … and it is ONLY A FEW … “nasty” people … who deliberately ignore “peaceful attitudes” …  and that’s why we MAY (MAY!) need a PEACE (PEACE!) Force (as opposed to a POLICE Force!)

(However, it is now a fact that most of the “nasties” have actually joined the POLICE Force, anyway!)

You see: When it comes down to it … there IS only ONE Rule: THE NON-AGGRESSION PRINCIPLE (aka “You leave me alone … I’ll leave you alone;  You attack me … I’ll defend myself in whichever way I can, and I’ll use whatever resources I have  … friends etc. – to combat you”).

That’s it … beginning … middle … end. It could also be called “NON-BREACH OF THE PEACE”.

That’s the only Rule. The only Rule we need … or have ever needed. And I’m on record as saying that EVERYTHING “nasty” … is actually “BREACH OF SOMEONE’S PEACE” … in varying degrees … from picking flowers out of someone else’s garden … all the way up to murdering them.

That’s the ONE Rule that is necessary for peaceful co-existence.

AND THAT’S THE ONE RULE THAT EVERY “GOVERNMENT” … BREAKS CONSTANTLY & CONSISTENTLY.  ALWAYS HAS … ALWAYS WILL … because without breaking that Rule … it’s NOT “Government”. If a “Government” cannot enforce its self-assumed Rules via “Violent Aggression/Intimidation/Deception” … it’s not an “authority” … and therefore not a “Government”.

Putting this another way: The ONLY thing that “Government” adds to the mix is ALWAYS “Violent Aggression/Intimidation/Deception”.

Always has, always will.

"Government" always assumes an exemption from "normal peaceful behaviour".

Which, of course, flies in the face of "All are equal, under the Law". Because, if "All are equal" ... then "Government" is equal to me. And if I can't employ 'violent aggression', then neither can they. But they do ... they always claim an exemption from "morality".

And that’s the ROOT.

And the BELIEF in it, is WHAT KEEPS THAT ROOT ALIVE … and stops it from withering and dying.

And all that is required … to make it wither and die … is to STOP BELIEVING IN IT.

We don’t need to ‘”overthrow” it … we just need to STOP BELIEVING IN IT!

We don’t need “revolution” (because, after one revolution, you are simply back where you started …) we just need to STOP BELIEVING in the INSANITY & ABSURDITY of “Government” … AND TO RE-CLAIM OUR SANITY!


Peaceful co-operation comes naturally: ”You scratch my back … I’ll scratch yours

If I agree with what you are doing … and you ask for my help … I’ll help you.

If I don’t agree with what you are doing … I won’t help you.

If I see what you are doing adversely affecting me, I’LL DEFEND MYSELF against you.

Human Beings LOVE to make things complicated … but it’s actually so, so, so, simple.

You know, Veronica, you live in Cloud-Cuckoo Land … there’s no way to implement this!

Actually there is. And it’s very, very, simple.

We know that banks “Make money … by writing cheques on themselves”. We know that because the Bank of England has told us.

We know that Abraham Lincoln won the American Civil War by issuing Treasury Notes as “money”.

We know that Lloyd George likewise issued UK Treasury Notes as “money”, in 1914 … called Bradburys.

That is history. That is FACT. Those facts cannot be changed.

So … “AT A STOKE” … we could issue £100,000 in UK Treasury Notes (“New Bradburys”) to every man, woman and child as an initial lump sum.

Then we could arrange for £1,000 in UK Treasury Notes to be credited to every man, woman and child EVERY WEEK from then onwards PLUS an amount to cover Mortgage or Rent Payments.

What would happen?

1.       You would go into a shop to buy a loaf of bread … and the shopkeeper  would say “Oh .. for heaven’s sake … I’ve got so much money coming in … just take it!”

2.       A junkie would not need to rob or mug an old lady to feed his habit … because he would be able to drug himself to death through his Bank Account.

3.       Everyone’s mortgage would get paid off … and the Banks could then go & fuck themselves.

4.       “Insurance theft”? Errr … why would anyone now bother?

5.       “Robbery” Errr … why would anyone now bother?

6.       “Going to work”? Errr … why would anyone now bother … BUT SEE BELOW!

7.       And so on. Just about every ‘crime’ suddenly vanishes.

There would be chaos … INITIALLY … for a couple of months, possibly.

And yes … initially … people would say “I don’t have to go to work any longer … so I’ll stay in bed!

And they would.

But … how long for?

How long before they are BORED OUT OF THEIR MINDS?

How long before in dawns on them “Geez … I need something to do”?

Something USEFUL to do.

How long before they got out of bed, and started looking round … thinking about their skills … and thinking about putting those skills back into something useful … BUT THIS TIME WITHOUT SOME PSYCHOPATHIC “BOSS” THREATENING TO “DISCIPLINE” THEM (if they just decide to take a day off)?

Human Nature works … you know.

It does.

It really does.

(Try being “retired” … and you’d completely understand what I mean. WE FIND THINGS TO DO! TRUST ME … WE DO!)

And the beauty of this would be that everyone would come to see THE ILLUSION OF "MONEY". And how "THE ILLUSION OF MONEY" adds NOTHING to mix  ... except an excuse for various forms of "violent aggression".