Subject: The sort of question I get asked ...
From: Veronica
Date: 17/3/14 9:58 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

This is a very typical question ... of the type I often get asked ... this one sent to me today:

So, where do any of the English founding documents refer to the people as being sovereign though? Let me know please ...

And the answer is:

"If you have to ask that question ... then you would not understand any answer that I could possibly give. On the other hand, if you could understand my answer ... you would not need to ask the question ... in the first place".


"Where, in the English founding documents, does it say that people have two arms & two legs? Same fundamental question ... same fundamental answer"

In short: Most of the questions I get asked simply require "a depth of thought".

I am not being rude ... I am not being arrogant ... I am not being 'enigmatic'.

I'm simply stating it ... the way it is.

(What is it ... about Human Beings? They just LOVE 'complication' ... don't they? It's kinda like: "If it is so gobsmacking SIMPLE ... then it must be ... must be .... be ....  .... .... .... ... wrong???")