Subject: Stolen Isles, Page 94: STOP PRESS!
From: Veronica
Date: 11/3/14 3:37 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

 “At the time of printing a new development has emerged. As a part of my “law breaking” activities I parked an old Land Rover on the road in 2009. The Forvik plates, tax disc and documentation, combined with its obvious unroadworthiness would, under normal circumstances, have had me in court the next day. Both the police and the DVLA backed off from taking any action.

“An English supporter of my work decided to test the system in the same way. His Forvik registered car with appropriate number plates and documentation was towed away. On reporting to the police that it was stolen, he was informed that the DVLA had it. He called them and gave details of the Forvik Vehicle Recording Authority – only to get an anonymous phone call the next day to say that the vehicle had been dumped in a local car park! I can only assume they had looked at the website, and did not want to be in court trying to explain how Shetland became a part of Scotland”.

Perhaps some “Redhill-based entrepreneur” (who has the funds to buy some old banger) would like to test this again? (Meaning no-one in particular … of course ...but ... you know who you are)

After all ... my Motorhome is 'registered' to "Veronica: of the Chapman family" ... because that was how I signed the V5C.

(Oh ... what FUN!!!)