Subject: You tell me "synchronicity" doesn't work?
From: Veronica
Date: 8/3/14 2:07 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

(From Mike)

Isn't it strange that ... year after year ... we've had the EU pushed down our throats (since 1972) ... and in all that time ... an under all those so-called "treaties " (7 in total) ... NOW ...

... NOW ...

... after we've been discussing this in e-mails ... (well I have, anyway ...)

... suddenly ...

... an MEP stands up and says the same thing?

(Not ... of course ... that the EU has any relevance, of course ... see below)

An MEP says the EXACT same thing as OUR "paralegal woo":

Well ... swipe me round the gob with a wet kipper!

Holy Smokes! The next thing will be ... will be ... will be ... what? The realisation that ALL PARASITIC, CONTROL-FREAK DOMINATED, AUTHORITARIAN RULING CLASS GOVERNMENTAL STRUCTURES ... are ALSO ILLEGAL, UNLAWFUL, CRIMINAL, IMMORAL, and VOID ... (such as the the UK Parliament, the EU itself, and the UN)

Here's the next thought.

"A Constitution" is actually nothing more than "a way of organising a parasitic, control-freak dominated, immoral, illegitimate, unlawful, illogical, irrational, authoritarian ruling class governmental structure". ("Government" = Govern Mentality = Govern the Mind ... of the population)

Or, at least most of them are ... for example the US Constitution, the French Constitution  ... even the Southern Irish one (although ... at least that defines every Irishman & Irishwoman to be a Sovereign).

The EU Constitution is - of course - the ultimate of that type ... on steroids!

It is only OUR ONE (British Constitution) doesn't do much of that "organising".

In fact, the FOUNDING DOCUMENT, the Magna Carta 1215:

1. Takes "law making" out of the Monarch's hands, once and for all, and places it into the hands of "a jury of one's equals" (i.e. a Petty Jury of 12) ... and (for utterly trivial things) ... into the hands of "the oaths of good men in the neighbourhood" (Stating that the triviality should be fully recognised ... within the punishment. Note: It doesn't specify how many "good men" this would require ... there's a lot left to Common Sense!)

2. Defines (by way of referring to '25 Barons' - WHOM IT DOES NOT IN ANY WAY DEFINE) a method of initiating the resolution of grievances ... which lends itself exactly to the idea of a Grand Jury of 25.

And then our Constitution comes up with the SECOND FOUNDING DOCUMENT: The Bill of Rights 1689, which says (as indeed quoted): The Law MUST secure a CONVICTION before it has any Right whatsoever to demand any kind of punishment, or forfeit.

(Thus a "Fixed Penalty Notice" ... and/or IMPOUNDING YOUR CAR ... on the roadside ... is "illegal and void" ... and UTTERLY FUCKING CRIMINAL! Actions taken by those who have sworn to "uphold the Law", "uphold FUNDAMENTAL Human Rights", "Use their discretion", and "Prevent Breaches of the Peace ... which must include YOUR Peace ... to the best of their ability". Who then do EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE ... because they are wearing a uniform & a badge ... and "have been told to" ... never once bothering to determine whether what "they were told to do" was actually RIGHT or WRONG!

Well, the Bill of Rights 1689 already determined it ... 325 years ago: IT IS WONG)

Holy Shit! They knew what was what ... and how to write things ... centuries ago! Didn't they?

I remember Guy Taylor quoting some of this to Judge Nigel Cadbury, in Hereford.

And Cadbury's response was "Well, those are really old documents, aren't they?"

Yes, Nige, they are.

And they have stood the test of time ... FOR CENTURIES ... which has given them a STRENGTH that your poxy Statutes do not have!

Their "age" is the measure of their STRENGTH.

Set the Magna Carta 1215 (EIGHT HUNDRED YEARS OLD, next year) against the Magistrates Court Act 1980 ... or the Local Government Finance Act 1992 (for Council Tax) ... and we are talking "babes in arms" in comparison.

The latter, along with all their other poxy crap ... aka "Statutory bollox" ... will not last one hundred years ... let alone 800! (Or 325 years, in the case of the Bill of Rights).

The only Statutory bollox that will survive is that which SUPPORTS the Common Law.

And, when Statutory bollox supports the Common Law then ... since we already have The Common Law ... the Statutory bollox is IRRELEVANT (It's merely a duplication. By logical, rational,and reasonable definition)


PS Did you know that the Magna Carta Monument, in Runnymede, was paid for by Americans? And that it's not even on a Bus Route? So you have to walk there ... or drive by car? And that the Local Council i.e. Staines & Egham ...have never even bothered to signpost it? That they have said they MAY put up signs to it ... ready for next year's 800th anniversary? How kind!

Meanwhile, up in St. Albans, there were banners across the streets last year ... hailing the fact that Stefan Langton & Co thrashed out versions of it there ... before presenting it at Runnymede!

PPS Gotta LOVE the Roman Catholic Popes! The names they choose for themselves! For example the Pope at the time was Pope Innocent III. "Innocent" as fuck!

"Innocent" immediately annulled the Magna Carta 1215 ... on the basis that King John signed it under duress!

Ummmm ... 'scuse me ... Your Holy Truthliness ... but didn't we fall under your so-called ... and actually non-existent ... "Papal authority" ... because we were invaded by Romans ... in the first place?

You know ... those guys who slaughtered Boudicca's Iceni, and associated tribes, such as the Trinovantes? Oh ... and very much not forgetting all those Welshmen & Irishmen who's "Souls were liberated from their physical bodies" by the self-appointed Killing Machine of your puppet, Nero?

You want to talk about "duress", Your Most Holy Truthliness & Innocentness? We actually didn't kill King John ... he died a year or so later ... in his own pox-ridden way.

"History" = "Hypocrisy".