Subject: Why all the negativity?
From: Veronica
Date: 6/3/14 12:34 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Everywhere you look, you see “negativity”.

All the “Branches of evil”.

All the branches … that millions of “activists” are engaged in “hacking off”.

But that’s not what the “negativity” is for.

It’s not there to be “hacked off”.

So what is it for? The answer is simple: We need it.

We need it to give us practical examples of WHAT WE –DON’T- WANT.


That’s it’s purpose. Also to give us the ability to learn that what we see are merely BRANCHES … and that we need to look for the ROOT (if we are ever going to LEARN anything at all).

Listen: You need to stand at the edge of a cliff in order to understand what would happen if you fell off.

Or you’d need to have the situation very accurately described to you ... at the very least.

But none of that description would mean anything to you ... if you had never "fallen over" or "fallen out of something".

You need to have fallen out of your Pushchair, or off a chair, or some such … in order to understand what “falling” can do to you.

If you had never fallen off anything, you would really have no idea what it’s like to bang your head against something hard … like a table, a chair … or the school playground.

Would you?

“Falling” has very negative consequences … but you need to experience it before you could REALLY understand.

And that’s what all the “negativity” is all about. Giving us the means of REALLY understand what it could be.

So that we can choose that we don’t want it. (Like, for example ... we don't want "falling" ... do we?)

And there’s absolutely NOTHING … like “experience” … for being able to make that choice.

And that’s why it’s there, and that’s what it’s for.

“Income Tax” and “VAT” and “Council Tax” are all there to give you the experience of realising that either

        (a) They are a pain in the arse ... and/or

        (b) You positively HATE them!

And that they are: “not what life should all be about”.

Because: “All it does is turn you into someone else’s slave”, giving brainwashed morons the idea that they can write the utter bollox they write to you.

If you’d never been “taxed” … you wouldn’t know that … would you?

Well … NOW YOU DO!

Simple … innit!

Don’t FIGHT the negativity … HAVE FUN WITH IT!

Like I did … see attached for my Council Tax Saga (although I have posted it out before).

PS Have I heard anything after their final letter in that PDF? No.