Subject: Theo Chalmers/Daily Motion
From: Veronica
Date: 6/3/14 12:02 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Theo says:


I think we agree on many things.

By the way, I haven’t posted anything like all the shows on Dailymotion although I have nearly all of them. There are 39 shows on there (some in two parts) and I did 75 On The Edge in all. I also did 35 under the One Step Beyond title. I am considering adding most of the other On The Edge shows to Dailymotion and possibly the One Step Beyond shows too, so there could be another 70 shows going up!

All the best,

Now he'll have to post them all up!

BTW: If you watch any of Theo's shows, you'll think to yourself "He seems like a nice guy". Well, Theo is just like that in real life ... as anyone who's been on his show would verify.

I watched the show Theo did with Anthony J Hilder. A few minutes into that show, Anthony Hilder looks at the camera and says: "All TV should be like this" (or words to that effect). He's right. All TV should. Then TV would be worth having.

Theo has kindly sent me listings of his shows, see attached.

As he says, 39 of them (from On the Edge) are already up on Daily Motion.