Subject: Skype & more about Passwords
From: Veronica
Date: 5/3/14 12:21 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;


The latest versions are CRAP. They’ve done the “usual” … which is to alter things such that “you can’t find anything, anymore”.

All done “for your personal convenience & enjoyment” … of course.

I run a version (Version 4.something) on which the screen layout is sufficiently convenient.

But it’s now getting ‘old’ (as far as they are concerned).

I quickly learned to turn off “Updates Notifications” … as well as “Automatic Installation of Updates” via the “Tools” Menu.

And that’s worked … up till now.

But Skype has become “sneaky”. They now push their Version 6.11 as a “Windows Update for Skype Desktop”.

If you allow this “Windows Update” it will update Skype to the latest CRAP Version 6.11.

If your settings are ‘wrong’ (i.e. you’ve allowed automated installation of Windows Updates) … then you may suddenly find the Skype Logon Screen is different, and asking you for the Skype Password … which you will … of course … have long forgotten!

The only resolution would be to:

1.       De-Install Skype 6.11

2.       Install a Version 4 again.

3.       Either remember your Skype password OR to create a new Skype Account

(The “Skype Password Recovery mechanism” has never worked, for me).

(Or, of course, if you are really cute ... and operate the Windows Updating mechanism manually ... don't install the "Windows Update for Skype Desktop", in the first place ... and tell Windows not to bother you with it ... again).


I recently tried to log into one of my Websites … and was immediately taken to the “Create a New Password” mechanism … being told that it was 207 days since I last changed it.

I actually couldn’t be bothered to change to a new Password at the time … but … when I really do need to access my Site, I will have to make that change.

However, when I do … I will do what I used to do ... on the Sainsbury’s Checkouts.

Because they used similar techniques to force “Password Changes” after a period of time.


1.       Change to a new Password … because you have been forced to … and then IMMEDIATELY ...

2.       Log In with the new Password … AND MANUALLY OPERATE THE PASSWORD CHANGING MECHANISM… to change it back to the original (the one you can remember!)

(“Where there’s a will … there’s a way!” Innit?)