Subject: I've been talking to Theo ...
From: Veronica
Date: 5/3/14 7:03 pm
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... and he reminded me about a story I'd read some while ago ... about the little boy who started remembering a "past life" ... as a guy who was shot down in WWII.

Theo actually interviewed the family in his On The Edge series, for Edge Media TV:

(Since Theo left Edge Media, I recall they took down all of his shows.
So he put them all up again on The Daily Motion.
There are some pretty good ones in there).

However, we've been told that there's actually no such thing as a "past life". And there is no such thing as RE-incarnation.

There are only incarnationS.

In other words that it's ALL happening ... in PARALLEL ... SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Because there is no such thing as "time" i.e. "Linear Time" ... as we consider it to be ... in our physical form.

There is only the one moment of Creation i.e. "Now!".

A "past life" experience is simply the Oversoul (Higher Self/Spirit) feeding information from one of its "incarnations" to another of its "parallel incarnations" ... is what's actually happening. (Apparently).

(Our Oversouls are quite capable of managing as many incarnations as they feel they need, simultaneously. Millions at a time ... or even just one ... whatever they feel they need.

I've never even remotely had any experience that I would say was "past life". I can only assume my Oversoul is just using one i.e. me.

Either that - or - however many times I ask ... it just says to me: "No ... fuck off ... get on with it. You don't need to know any of that shit!")

Yup ... hard to digest ... I know.

But is IS perfectly LOGICAL ... if you accept that you are part of an Immortal, Multidimensional, Spiritual Being & Co-Creator. (Which you MUST be! Why? Because what you consider to be "The World and The Universe, etc" IS CONSTRUCTED ENTIRELY WITHIN YOUR HEAD. By your brain. Using the 'sensual inputs' ... 5 main ones ... and countless other ones you don't realise you have ... but you use them without realising it).

And THAT does explain ONE HELL OF A LOT.

And, as soon as it arrives ... I'm just about to read this book:

... which ... I'm told ... explains it in absolute detail.

How did this information come to me?

It just did.

Exactly when I needed it.


It just happens.