Subject: My friend in Croatia does this to me, every time ...
From: Veronica
Date: 4/3/14 12:37 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... he leaves me speechless ... and in awe!

Just received this e-mail ... Subject: First Croatian Court Experience:

Hello Veronica,

Your student is doing well. I had preliminar court hearing yesterday and I managed it pretty awesome. I even called police to arrest the judge, and managed to avoid arrest myself. Of course, they did not arrest her, but tried to convince me that we should talk in police station.

No jurisdiction. I sent to that judge that QUO WARRANTO letter i created if you remember that, gave her 2 chances to offer evidence that she has jurisdiction, 2x8 days - she offered none, and I sent her my judgement under original jurisdiction - that she has no jurisdiction. Effective immidiatelly.

And she played smart in court like I was some kind of idiot. And I was polite at first, prepared my ground with few simple questions about fair trial, are we all equal in law bla bla...

And then I challenged her big time, I cornered her and I slamed her with all I got. She managed to enter into record that preliminar hearing is reschedualed for 1 month.

But nice touch is this - I had 2 witnesses and we have AUDIO RECORDING OF ALL THAT HAPPENED - and I noticed her her couple of days before hearing that I will bring witnesses and that I will record all on appropriate media device so no one will ever call me liar again.

I think she is facing major problems now. She tried to drag me into contract like predator but I stood my ground. She told me to present evidence about the case and I said '' SURE - but I can not. You failed to provide evidence that you have jurisdiction. Are you trying to make me commit fraud?''

AUDIO TAPE IS LAWFUL. She did not know she is being recorded, that is why she acted that way - baut she was notified about it - IN WRITING and I have evidence court received it. Maybe she did not even bother to look what is inside court case record.

But that is not my problem.

I did show everybody how should free man behave. Fuck it, I know who I am. 

I am forever grateful for your help and guidance and for your book that triggered one free man into awareness.

from a somewhat barbarian country

(Also remember: That was written by someone whose native language is not English. Any that's pretty awesome, in itself)

PS I have already told him that, underneath the thinnest of veneers, our country is similarly 'somewhat barbarian'.

PPS All because he read my book. Don't ask me what I'll do if it eventually backfires on him. It's a bridge I've yet to cross, and fervently hope I never have to cross it.

PPPS His technique for creating the Audio Recording is one that Guy Taylor once used ... but I'd forgotten about: TELL THEM YOU ARE GOING TO DO IT ... in a letter ... beforehand. If they don't write back ... well ... "proof of posting" = They were told! Thanks for reminding me, Vladimir! Yes ... why not have any "arguments" via letters? Let them explain their reasons via letters! When they quote shit like "Contempt of Court" ... we can quote back "Lord Diplock" in 1974.