Subject: More on 'interpretation'
From: Veronica
Date: 28/2/14 11:50 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Tommy has pointed out that we 'interpret' for our Legal Fiction Persons.
You could be the physical interpreter of and for the legal fiction which is of course only a piece of paper and therefore can not communicate its wishes. Only through you the interpreter can this be achieved. Which of course now opens up a whole new line of attack and/or defense. Because as we all know, an interpreter can not be held liable for the actions and or in-actions of a the legal fiction, which is of course just a piece of paper, lol.

... which lines up with what Peter Brewster suggested ( in a slightly different way).

So ... you don't claim to be "a Representative of the Berth Certificate" ... but an INTERPRETER for it?

(This would get over the inevitable problem of me trying to stop laughing ... if I were to step forward and offer to interpret a friend's grunting/squeaking. I might be able to do that with a reasonably straight face. Not sure, though)