Subject: Oh ... this 'interpreter' idea has got you lot going!
From: Veronica
Date: 27/2/14 10:04 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

I have never had so many e-mail responses to what I've posted out!

Of course there are those (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) who instantly turn it into a "money-making idea"!

And there are many who tell me "You'll need to get permish first!".

And one response suggested that you 'interpret for yourself'. (Hey ... fuck me man ... that's faaaaaaaaar out!!)

No ... I was thinking more on the lines of "the 'subject' grunting".

Grunting ... and making 'sounds' ... to everything.

And then I, as 'Interpreter', step forward and say "I know what he means ... I can interpret for you, if you wish".

You know ... HAVE SOME FUN!!!!

PS The problem would be: 'To stop laughing'.