Subject: Russian State Mercenaries ...
From: Veronica
Date: 21/2/14 8:45 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... just doin' their job ... on Pussy Riot (after their release from prison).

From my younger son, who says: " can see what they attempted to do at Soche recently, upon being released from prison, and how it was dealt with so brutally by the Russian militia.

"Of course, these girls are probably attacking nowhere near the top layer of the the pyramid, but it takes a lot of balls to do what they are doing in a country like Russia. Can you imagine trying to do what you are doing in a country that doesn't even pretend to have any respect for basic human rights?".

We are doing what we are doing ... in a country that only has the thinnest of thin veneers ... regarding basic Human Rights.

A "resort to Sectioning" ... leading to the VIOLENCE  of immediately to being pumped FULL of SHYTE is almost instantaneous. (My friend Mike ...  now on this list ... has been Sectioned THIRTY TIMES in his life ... thus far ... he says he's thinking of going for the World Record).

The "resort to physical violence" is virtually IMMEDIATE, anyway.


We, in the UK, are only one bullet behind the United States (the innocent Jean Charles de Menezes was shot with 11 bullets, the innocent guy in Iowa was shot with 12 bullets)

However ... coming back to Pussy Riot. Their "activism" will get them loads of sympathy ... they have mine, for sure ... but ... ultimately ... it won't get them anywhere.

Will they bring Putin & Co 'down'? Their chances are one in millions ... but EVEN IF THEY SUCCEEDED ... WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING THE CORE ISSUE ... another regime will appear in its place ... promising "The Earth" ... AND, SIMULTANEOUSLY, CRACKING DOWN - FUCKING HARD - ON ANYONE WHO DISAGREES.

Because "That's the nature of 'regimes'".

We have to do things which GET RID OF REGIMES. Period.

(Same with the Ukraine)