Subject: Double-Think
From: Veronica
Date: 21/2/14 8:18 pm
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As you know, I go endlessly on about Double-Think.

I recently posted out an essay on it, about 9/11, and how Double-Think is required in order to agree with the "Official Government Conspiracy Theory of 9/11" aka the "Load of Old Bollox".

James has taken that idea, and created a poster:

Another 'good' Double-Think is to endlessly discuss how "burning Jet Fuel" could melt the steel buildings ... when "Jet Fuel" is nothing more than high-grade Paraffin ("Kerosene" in "American parlance").

And then to try to explain why, when you light a Paraffin Stove, it doesn't melt, and collapse into it's own footprint.

Or to explain why a Jet Engine (which burns Jet Fuel), doesn't melt, as soon as the Pilot switches it on.