Subject: Henry David Thoreau said ...
From: Veronica
Date: 19/2/14 11:16 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... "For every 1,000 people hacking at the branches of evil, there is only one person striking at the root"

The point being:

The 'branches' are everywhere. Just 'pick your cause' ... there are a million to choose from ... e.g. Gaza, Environment, Wars, Syria, Yemen, what happened in Libya, what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Occupy Movements, Save the Whales, Save the Bees ... etc. etc. etc.

(Or, as I continually write: "The same fundamental problem, just in a different wrapper". The continual presentation of this 'same fundamental problem, in different wrappers' being generically labelled, by me, as toxic fear  porn).

Hack off a branch ... and what happens? It grows again ... in a different direction. Endlessly creating yet more branches to hack off.

Strike at the root, and what happens? It shrivels & dies.

So ... what is the difference between 'a branch' and 'the root'?

The root is the insane & absurd BELIEF (or SUPERSTITION) in a PARASITICAL RULING CLASS ... known as 'Government'. (Bolstered by the utter DECEPTION, called 'democracy')

James Corbett on the subject:
... which alludes to the problem.

Larken Rose on the subject:
... which SPECIFIES the problem ... AND THE ONLY SOLUTION.

As Larken says, we don't need guns & bombs & any kind of violence to solve these problems.

We simply need to TURN OUR BACKS ... and remember the two most important words in the English Language: "Off" & "Fuck" (And which way round they go! That's my little test for you ... see if you can place them in the correct order. NO CONFERRING!)

'They' have TWO mechanisms: (a) Intimidation, and (b) Divide & conquer, via DISTRACTIONs.

We need to be DEDICATED ... DETERMINED ... FOCUSED ... and NOT let ourselves be DISTRACTED by all the toxic fear porn ... so as to ensure those two mechanisms no longer work.