Subject: Fwd: Stepping Down
From: Veronica
Date: 19/2/14 11:55 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

My Acting First Minister has decided to step down.

Forvik is looking for a replacement.

The problem is - as I see it - it needs to be someone (at the very least) living in the Shetlands.

However, the position does come with:

1. Not very much in the way of a salary (actually £0.0 per annum, to be precise. But ... note ... ZERO% Income Tax!)
2. A pre-constructed Residential Palace on Forvik Island ... which is accessible in the Summer months (depending on the prevailing wind).

3. Overseeing Forvik International Airport, our Underground Tube Network, and our Space Program (etc.) ... all 'high profile' stuff!

4. And loads of other attractions ... such as Forvegian Disneyland, etc.

5. Administering the Forvegian Vehicle Licencing Authority (FVLA) ... to issue Road Fund Licences as printable (and 'adjustable') PDF Files.

6. And so on (... such as grovelling to me, endlessly).

Applications, including a CV, to:

FORVIKStards Residence
Shetland Isles.
 HM The Good Queen Veronica of Forvik Island xxx

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Subject: Stepping Down
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Stepping Down
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The Forvik Newsletter

18 February 2014 - Stepping Down

Dear Your Maj,

Forvik is about to take a massive step forward.

As you are aware, my focus of late has been on the Sovereign Nation of Shetland (SNS), Forvik's sister organisation dedicated to setting up a physical society on Shetland with the intention of becoming the recognised authority here. My limited brain power means that I am unable to do both organisations justice, so I have decided to step down as Forvik's Acting First Minister and hand over the reins to somebody who is better able to take the project forward. I'm looking for candidates willing to take on the task of running Forvik and assembling a team to develop its full potential, working closely with SNS to our mutual advantage. I will still be part of Forvik, but taking more of a background role.

Now that we are clear that, apart from naked force, neither Scotland nor the UK can prove any authority in Shetland, Forvik's place as a force for good in the world has taken on a new dimension. Together with SNS we can move mountains.

I know there are folk out there more than capable of taking on this challenge/opportunity and I'm asking you to step forward. Send in a CV and I will put them on the website so that the membership can vote. Let's get Forvik ready to take its place on the world stage.



Email: for enquiries.


Let your friends know - forward this on!

Acting First Minister, Stuart: Hill, The Sovereign State of Forvik. 'The man who let Shetland out of the EU': ;-)

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