Subject: Names in Capitals
From: Veronica
Date: 18/2/14 12:00 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Peter sent me this:

... which contains very plausible arguments to suggest that there are completely innocuous reasons for "Names in CAPITALS". (Including a list of people who have been jailed for using arguments against the practice, in US Courts).

1. Well, first of all, while the original Writer's arguments are very plausible - and may very well apply to LEGAL documents - they do NOT apply to "letters one receives" ... insofar as there is absolutely no need whatsoever to address a letter to "MS VERONICA CHAPMAN", or "Ms Veronica CHAPMAN" ... particularity the latter! (If you have lower-case on your font ... as evidenced by "Veronica" ... then why can't you use it for the "CHAPMAN" part, as well?)

In point of FACT ... if my daughter were living with me (which is about the most unlikely thing in the world ... but if she had been ... and before she got married) ... it would have made more sense ... if "ease of reading" is an argument  ... to write to "Ms VERONICA Chapman" or "Ms REBECCA Chapman" ... which would have been an aid to ensure that we both opened the correct letters, addressed to each other.

Furthermore, the Writer of the article is forgetting RULE No.1: THEY DON'T OBEY THEIR OWN RULES. And that explains why they can jail Americans who have tried to use that argument in so-called "Courts".

2. Then there's this from Wackypedia: ... which, you will note, applies it all to Roman so-called "Law".

It really doesn't matter what any "Rules" say: WE KNOW WHAT THEY THINK ABOUT US. And we can gauge that from what they write back to us (if they even bother to write).

The best argument for specifying "Veronica: of the family Chapman" is to simply 'distinguish' yourself.

(But don't be under the misapprehension that they will find it impossible to turn that around to "Ms Veronica Chapman" ... they may be dumb ...  but they ain't THAT dumb!)

What I'm suggesting is that we don't put too much store by capitis deminutio. We know that's the way 'They' view us, but we have many more arguments against them, than arguing over that one.