Subject: The Robert Green Story
From: Veronica
Date: 17/2/14 3:07 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

According to “Hollie Demands Justice” & the UK Column, etc … Robert Green went to Aberdeen to stand as a Parliamentary Candidate in the Election. He checked into a B&B, spent the night, got up … and left to hand out Election Leaflets, when he was immediately arrested.

This is put across … as the usual UK Column bollox … as “Secret Police trampling on his Human Rights to Free Speech!”.

Now … the REAL story …

That trip to Aberdeen was the FIRST time Robert Green had ever been to Aberdeen.

PRIOR TO THAT, he had swallowed Anne Greig’s fantasies wholesale, and had sent letters, to residents in Aberdeen, saying “Did you know you live next door to paedophiles?”.

Note: Since the time he was arrested was the FIRST time he had ever been to Aberdeen … just how much REAL investigation had he done … before sending those letters?

That’s why he was arrested … that’s why he was jailed.

And he has endlessly persisted.

And that’s why he’ll be jailed again.

EVERYTHING HOLLIE GREIG SAYS *MAY* BE TRUE. Although that’s very unlikely, because:

1.       She claims to have been MULTIPLY abused since the age of 6 … and yet physical examinations show “she is not a virgin” … but NOTHING else. And she has had boyfriends, since becoming an adult. Is it likely that there would be so little signs of MULTIPLE abuse?

2.       She claims that others (children) were also abused. However each of them have written Witness Statements saying they “were not abused”. Well, yes … they could have been pressured into saying that … or … of course … it could be true … that they were never abused. None of them have ever come forward with any claims of abuse. Due to the ages of some of them, they weren’t even born at the time Hollie claims they were abused.

… and so on.

Things that BBC Reporter Mark Daly checked up on, before deciding NOT to run with the story. And who could blame him?

Well Robert Green blames Mark Daly … that’s for sure.

But them Robert Green is an ex-Travel Agent owner, who’s business took a down-turn … before he became an ‘Investigator who does no investigation, before writing the letters he wrote… aka before shooting his mouth off’.

EVERYTHING HOLLIE GREIG SAYS *MAY* BE TRUE. But there is not, and never has been, any evidence that could lead to any conviction … so what was the point?

Would it not be better to concentrate on cases where some real evidence exists?

I tentatively suggest, that overall result, will be: People, in general, and in the future, will take EVEN LESS notice of REAL child abuse.

Do you now see how the "Activism" of the UK Column, Belinda, Robert Green, Ian Crane, Phoney Farrell etc ... FUCKS IT UP ... for any REAL victims?

These ARSEHOLES are giving the Media something to point to ... as an excuse for dismissing any REAL claims!

And why I continue to SHOUT: "LET'S SEEK SOLUTIONS, and concentrate on them" ... not get endlessly distracted by "the same fundamental problem, just in a different wrapper" aka "toxic fear porn"? (Especially when the 'problem' turns out to be a probable hoax?)