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"Dear Your Maj" ... because I am his Queen!

Read about the guy with Forvegian Licence plates!


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Forvik Book Launch
Forvik newsletter.
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The Forvik Newsletter

16 February 2014 - Forvik Book Launch

Dear Your Maj,

It's been so long since my last newsletter that people are beginning to ask if I've been kidnapped, locked up, or even if I'm still alive! Please accept my apologies for such a long delay, but it's nor due to any of the above – simply pressure of work on the project.

I've now finished the book Stolen Isles. The launch is on 26 February, accompanied by a talk. It will be at the Shetland Museum and Archives and I hope I will be able to broadcast it on Skype. If you would like to be on that call and take part in the discussion afterwards, send me a Skype contact request: stewardofforvik. This is the (reluctant) start of my political career. Although The Sovereign Nation of Shetland has been in existence since 2011, it has been pretty much dormant, but now is its time to blossom. Having exhausted the court process and found that the whole judiciary is united around the idea that the UK's authority in Shetland rests on a 2011 magazine article, we can now start setting up a physical society here to complement the online society of Forvik. Each will support the other.

The Book blows the lid on what has happened over the centuries to bring the people of Shetland from a position of the most complete sovereignty down to being serfs in the 18th century and now as wage slaves in 2014. My hope is that it will arouse the Viking blood in the people of Shetland and that people will have the courage to proclaim the sovereignty that has always been theirs, declare their part of the islands part of The Sovereign Nation of Shetland and reclaim their heritage.

We have already claimed the allodial title of the land mass and 200 miles of seabed around Shetland. Neither Scotland, nor the UK has been able to produce a superior claim and, although they are desperately trying to say they contest our claim, they cannot come up with any evidence and have now run out of time.

We have been testing the acceptance of Forvik outside its borders. Forvik member Torbz in England set up his car with Forvik number plates, Right to Use The Road disc and Forvik documentation. After driving it around for a while, it was no great surprise when DVLA contractors uplifted it and took it to a car pound. He reported it to the police as stolen, who informed him what had happened to it. He then called the DVLA and gave them the details of the FVLA (Forvik Vehicle Licensing Authority). There was no attempt to make contact, but he then received an anonymous phone call to say the car had been dumped in a nearby car park! Apparently the DVLA are reluctant to challenge the legitimacy of Forvik. This saga continues.

This sort of challenge from outside Shetland is valuable in increasing our credibility and gives the authorities a real headache. To assert their authority in any court, they have to prove that Shetland is not an independent state and that Shetland is part of Scotland. They can do neither.

You may be aware that the website has been somewhat dysfunctional for a while. We moved to a new server and re-built the site (for which I give heartfelt thanks to web designer Dubs). Unfortunately, his other work has had to take preference and he has been unable to quite complete the job. We have now set up a team to carry things forward and explore some exciting ideas for running an online direct consensual democracy. If you have the appropriate skills and would like to be involved, please Skype me at stewardofforvik to be included in the group.

Hopefully the next newsletter will be a bit sooner than this one. Exciting times ahead.



Email: for enquiries.


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Acting First Minister, Stuart: Hill, The Sovereign State of Forvik. 'The man who let Shetland out of the EU': ;-)

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