Subject: Honeypots
From: Veronica
Date: 15/2/14 5:54 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

There have been suggestions that the "Hollie Greig Story" is a honeypot.

What's a "honeypot"?

Well ... it's a term used by the Secret Services to spin a fake story, to see who swallows it wholesale.

A sort of "entrapment exercise".

It's a part of the "profiling" they do (*).

Fundamentally to see how many people are daft enough to fall for the fake story.

They know that those who do (fall for it), are the kind who will repeat just about anything ... without doing any thinking for themselves.

I wrote about honeypots in 2006 ... in relation to 9/11:

Is the Hollie Greig Story a honeypot?

I don't know.

I know Anne Greig isn't clever enough to create one all by herself.

But Belinda McKenzie? Hmmmmm ..... now that's another story. (Don't forget ... Belinda cheerfully admits to being 'connected to the Rothschilds family' ... via marriage ... as far as I've been able to make out. And there's all that business about the "charity" known as "Iran Aid" ... and something like £75 million going missing ... never seen again???).

And ... here she goes again:


Dear All

Following a 'solemn' hearing of the charge yesterday afternoon ('solemn' is more serious than 'summary' under Scottish law) Robert was retained on remand and was taken to Perth Prison late yesterday evening.

(Reason for Perth is that Aberdeen/Craiginches where he was before is closed so prisoners automatically get transferred there.)

The proceedings against him will resume on Friday 21st February back in Aberdeen, support is needed, please!  

His prison number is the same as before in case anyone wishes to write to him – Robert Green No.125799 HMP Perth, 3 Edinburgh Road Perth PH2 8AT  Phone 01738 622293 but they are not answering calls, we can imagine why.

URGENT: a solicitor is needed to represent Robert on Friday, needs obviously to be based in Scotland and/or familiar with Scottish law. My assumption that the charge ‘Breach of a Non-Harassment Order’ relates to the ‘perpetual interdict’ (= ‘permanent injunction’) placed on him against ‘harassment’ of a certain person may or may not be correct, the solicitor will be able to find that out.

Please get in touch asap if you know anyone who might be able to take this on?

Thanks again for all the emails/messages, I’ll try to answer but bear with me!

(Do yourselves a favour ... don't go near it. Even if it isn't a honey pot ... it might as well be)

(* Yes ... there's bound to be a profile on me ... otherwise I'm doing something seriously wrong!)