Subject: British Justice? Don't make me laugh!
From: Veronica
Date: 14/2/14 12:43 pm
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From Philip.

I've just been pointed to a book written by Dr. Sandra Lean , called "No Smoke" ... which (apparently) comprises detailed investigations into seven cases of wrongful conviction for murder.

Dr. Lean says she could have written about 70 such cases ... but stuck to 'high profile ones' ... which had similar characteristics.

I did a bit of Googling, and came up with this, about Susan May:


The police initially believed the death was the result of a robbery gone wrong. But May was charged with the killing after police said they found her fingerprints in bloodstains on the walls of Marchbank's bedroom.

But now a report by the former head of the national fingerprint service of the Netherlands, Arie Zeelenberg, has concluded there was no evidence that the finger marks, attributed to Susan May, were placed in blood. He said: "There is overwhelming evidence that they were not comprised of blood but of sweat and a minor residue of another unknown substance."

He also maintained that the marks on the wall were made before Marchbank's murder.

In 2009, the former [It's ALWAYS 'former' ... has anyone noticed?] head of Hampshire CID, Des Thomas, produced a report criticising the tactics used by police to investigate May.

Last year, the Guardian traced a witness who said police tried to persuade him to lie in order to "eliminate" a red Ford Fiesta car, seen at the murder scene the night Hilda Marchbank was killed.

Police failed to disclose this evidence to the defence team and hid the fact they considered a local man a "good suspect" for the murder, after the car's sighting and an anonymous phone call naming him as the killer.

The man, Michael Rawlinson, a heroin addict, had access to a red Fiesta and was known to police as a robber who targeted elderly people. Rawlinson was murdered in a drugs dispute in 2001. The original investigation records state, wrongly, that the car was never traced.

You want to know the time? DON'T ask a Policeman.