Subject: Right children, what have we learned today?
From: Veronica
Date: 13/2/14 5:59 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

I thought it might be useful to come up with a kind of “Glossary of Terms/Definitions”. It’s all very well rattling on about stuff, but it’s important that the Reader understands the “terms” and “definitions” used … otherwise the whole thing goes nowhere.

Let’s start at the beginning (usually the best place … Michael!)

There are a number of arenas called “Courts”. Some of them are Courts of Law, and most of them are not Courts of Law.

Those that are not Courts of Law, I call Star Chambers (which is what they really are). They are arenas where tyranny runs wild.

They are: Magistrates Courts, Country Courts, Crown Courts, and Higher Courts (such as Queens Bench Division and Chancery Division, as well as Central Criminal Courts, such as the Old Bailey). The Higher Courts tend to be Courts Of Appeal.

Then there are offences; “Summary only”, “Indictable only”, and “Tryable either way”.

And, finally, the two major (but utterly FAKE), divisions: Criminal and Civil.

Working backwards – there is – in point of FACT – no such thing as “Civil”.

There is either “Criminal” or nothing at all.


“Civil” is a construct, a Legal Fiction manufacture, which allows Legal Fictions into the mix. It was (obviously) designed so that CORORATIONS (Legal Fiction Persons) (Finance Companies/Banks) could screw Legal Fiction Persons (such as you), out of your home. And so on.

It also means you (Legal Fiction Person) can SUE another Legal Fiction Person, for “defamation”, etc. However, to “defame you”, is to “character assassinate” you. Which is CRIMINAL, because you suffer injury (to your reputation). And, interestingly, libel cases are heard in CRIMINAL fashion … by Juries! This simply indicates that The Powers That Be (TPTB i.e. Idiots) have blurred the lines, in order to give the FAKERY of “Civil” some self-assumed ‘value’.

If you are sueing someone for "money owed", then that's Theft (on their part), which is CRIMINAL ... unless they did not owe it, in the first place.

“Civil” cases are heard in Country Courts (with Appeals to the Higher Courts). Since they do not deal with criminal matters, they deal with “nothing at all” (see above). There are, therefore, no real offences … it’s just (fundamentally) “I say this … he says that … who is right?”. The cases will be labelled “Legal Fiction Name .vs. Legal Fiction Name”.

County Court

The County Court is an example of a Star Chamber. Cases are heard in a small room, where representatives of each party sit, facing each other. A (so-called?) Judge sits at the far end, usually behind a table placed at right angles (“T-formation”). The walls will be oak-pannelled, to act as a kind of “Faraday Cage” … making sure that The Truth never enters the Chamber.

Because, in a County Court, “The Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but The Truth” … is utterly and entirely IRRELEVANT. Which is why no-one (neither side) takes any Oath to swear The Truth. Computerised garbage, and as much hearsay as possible, is taken as evidence, as well as “We think …”, “We say …”, “We believe …”, “We assert …” all collected as evidence, without a shred of any proof. Ask the Judge if they can PROVE any of what the other side says, and the Judge will airily wave away any such request, and continue on as a Rubber-Stamping Clown.

“Truth” doesn’t matter a damn. All that matters is “interpretation”. The Judge’s “interpretation”. YOU could interpret things differently. So could anyone else. But the Judge’s interpretation is the only things that counts.

(So much for British Justice).


Criminal is the only thing that is real, and the only area wherein there are defined OFFENCES … “Summary” and “Indictable”.  (“Tryable either way” is explained below).

Crown Court/Indictable Offences

A Crown Court possesses the ability to run Jury Trials, and process Indictable offences. In other words it has Common Law jurisdiction.

Indictable offences are REAL offences (always covered by the Common Law, such as Murder, Theft, Fraud, Contempt of Court, Perverting the Course of Justice, Misconduct in Public Office).

All Indictable criminal cases take place “in the name of the Monarch” (because they are considered to be “in the public interest”), so they would be labelled “R .vs. Legal Fiction Name(s)” … “R” standing for “Rex” (King) or “Regina” (Queen).

However, to get the case into a Crown Court, TPTB (in the form of the Crown Prosecution Service, CPS) need to go through a Magistrates Court first of all (dem’s de rools!). But, in the Magistrates Court, this is an automatic process, called “Committal to Crown Court”. All the Magistrates Court does is try to make sure that there is some reason to pass the case onward … i.e. that someone (CPS/Police) isn’t simply taking the piss.

Magistrates Court/Summary Offences

A Magistrates Court does not possess Common Law jurisdiction (there is no Jury, nor is there space for a Jury). It is simply yet another version of a Star Chamber. Once again, usually surrounded in oak-pannelled walls, so as to prevent any Truth from creeping into the proceedings.

It is therefore bogus & fake, and is only capable of hearing bogus & fake “Summary” offences, such as “Speeding”, “TV Licence”, etc. (Or “Tryable either way”, see below)

Conclusion & Plan of Action

Tryable either way” offences means that they can be heard as “Summary”, in a Magistrates Court OR as “Indictable” and heard in a Crown Court. These are offences such as “Assault”, etc.

I’ve explained the Chessboard, above. The question is: “How do we play it?” Well, my answer to that is: “Aim for the Jury”. They are not 100%, but they are the best chance we have.

The problem is … TPTB DON’T WANT OUR FREEMAN-ON-THE-LAND STUFF in front of a Jury.

So, we need to fight to get it there. And the rools are:

  1. Everything starts in a Magistrates Court/Star Chamber.
  2. The Magistrates Court arena has the remit to submit Indictable offences to Crown Court.
  3. We must make sure that the Magistrates Court arena is fucked, when it comes to Summary offences, because a Crown Court wouldn’t touch them.

So, it comes down to (a) Always employ the route to Crown Court where it exists, and (b) Leave them fucked, when that route doesn’t exist.

And the Plan centres on the “Committal to Crown Court” procedure.

Now, in the case of Indictable offences, the route to Crown Court is automatic.

In the case of “Tryable either way” offences, we have to carve the route to Crown Court.

The Magistrates Court is a Star Chamber of Arbitration. And “Arbitration” i.e. to treat the offence as “Summary”, requires “consent”. And the way they gain your consent is by the TRICKERY of asking you to plead “Guilty” or “Not Guilty”.

Whichever way you plead, you are saying “OK judge me, then”.  And then they will find some way of stitching you up (even against all the odds). And you will come out feeling as though you have been taken to the cleaners – which is precisely what HAS happened to you!

So, how do you stop that … and exercise the Crown Court route?

YOU DON’T PLEAD. You say: “There is no case to answer”.

THIS WILL NOT, NECESSARILY, STOP THEM IN THEIR MADNESS. (They ARE mad, by any definition of ‘insanity’).

They may very well ignore you, and say they will “Enter a plea of Not Guilty on your behalf”.

This proves they are mad.

Because, if you say: “I have not granted you Power of Attorney to do that” … they DO stop … dead in their tracks … or at least WILL stop … sometime later … when they fully realise what you have said.

When the penny drops. When it dawns on them.

In the heat of the moment, at the time, they may very well carry on, and create a conviction there and then.

But that’s fine! That works in your favour! That means you have them bang to rights!

Bang to rights/Case closed … for a Private Criminal Prosecution against them for: Misconduct in Public/Judicial office, Abuse of Process, Perverting the Course of Justice, and Conspiracy to Defraud.

Instead of all those offences THEY committed, they should have run the “Committal to Crown Court” process if the offence was “Tryable, either way”.

Actually you could tell them all that, in the heat of the moment. IT IS TRUE … and it is very likely that they would stop and listen.


(And they would be starting to think how many times they got away with it in the past, because no-one realised it!).

(Note: This mechanism has a Track Record. It SUCCEEDED in Carnarvon Magistrates Court, and I believe it be why I succeeded in Southern Derbyshire Magistrates Court)

So, that deals with Indictable and Tryable, either way … what about Summary?

Well … you apply the same technique as above. Exactly the same.

Then … as far as I can see … I don’t know what they are going to do … they are stuffed.

Because they can’t move a Summary offence to Crown Court … that kind of offence is far too ‘fake’.

If you won’t plead – and give them joinder – and won’t grant Power of Attorney – and you point out Misconduct in Public/Judicial office, Abuse of Process, Perverting the Course of Justice, and Conspiracy to Defraud … and the Bill of Rights 1689THAT all Promises and Grants of Fines and Forfeitures before conviction are illegal and void” … and “There is no case to answer” … then what?

Dismissal … though lack of jurisdiction … is the only thing I can think of.

So, you manage to get it into Crown Court, what then?

First of all there will be a “Pleas & Case Management” Hearing, in front of a Crown Court Judge.

The Judge will decide whether or not to pass it into a Jury Trial.

If it is Freeman-on-the-Land stuff, then EVERYONE will be on your side … the Judge, the CPS Prosecution, and you.

Why? Because the LAST thing that the TPTB would want is for a Jury Verdict based on Freeman-on-the-Land stuff!

So, they will pull out all the stops to prevent that happening, and the likelihood is that the Judge will dismiss the case.

Now, returning to Magistrates Courts, for a second

If all they can ever do is to “Commit to Crown Court” for Indictable and Tryable either way offences, and if they have no option but to dismiss Summary offences (through lack of Power of Attorney) … it will soon be asked “What the fuck are they doing, anyway?”.

Added to which, TPTB are already closing down Magistrates Courts – left, right, centre - because they are “not profitable”.

That will then give us the leverage to demand a return to Grand Juries … which worked for centuries, before they fucked about.

And that is my Plan.