Subject: Suggested change of tactic
From: Veronica
Date: 12/2/14 9:57 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Up until recently, my advice – for example in the case of Council Tax Liability Hearings, etc – has always been: “Don’t bother to go … it’s a waste of time … they will rubber-stamp it anyway”.

Experience is, however, invaluable.

And one should always be ready to learn from it.

And what we can learn is: They are shit-scared of us, now.

Which means that they have to increase the ‘Intimidation Knob’ up to maximum.

And this could easily be their ‘undoing’.

Because it creates a situation that can be Appealed to Crown Court.

THE place where Private Criminal Prosecutions end up!

So … what we can all do is … GO.

Take friends with you as witnesses, and who can write simple Affidavits. (I can supply examples).

When you get railroaded, shouted down, ignored … LAUGH INWARDLY!

Let them do it.

Because they are creating a situation that can be Appealed to Crown Court.

Having just completed one such Appeal (to be lodged asap) … we’ll see how it goes … it’s going to be the hardest one to do, because they will claim “out of time” … although I’ve included enough to (hopefully) bat that one into touch.

BUT … if we had jumped on it sooner (i.e immediately) … I think we would have been well away.

So …. GO … GO TO THE MAGGOT’S CIRCUS. Let them do what they do, when you say “I’m not that PERSON, I’m a man” or “I’m a woman” … and wave your Birth Certificate at them.

When they ask you how you plead, you respond: “There is no case to answer”.

And when they say: “In that case we will enter a Not Guilty plea on your behalf… you can say: I do not grant you Power of Attorney to do that”.

THAT IS –ALL- THAT’S NECESSARY. That’s all you have to do.

They will proceed, and ‘convict’ you anyway.

But, if you’ve said those things … YOU HAVE GROUNDS FOR APPEAL.

If the Appeal is rejected, you also have grounds for Private Criminal Prosecutions against the Maggots & the Clerk for: Abuse of Process, Perversion of the Course of Justice and Misconduct in Public/Judicial Office.

Because they grabbed Power of Attorney WITHOUT your consent.

All Common Law stuff.

I reckon we could come up with almost a standard “Appeal template”.

If rejected, we could come up with an almost standard Private Criminal Prosecution Indictment.

And this goes DIRECTLY to the Evil Black Heart of a Maggot's Circus.

It also goes DIRECTLY to the absurdity called "a Summary offence" (Speeding, TV Licence, etc), which only a Maggot's Circus can deal with.

It comes down to: The only REAL offences are Common Law ... and "Indictable" i.e.Crown Court/Jury's Verdict.

"Summary offences" are all utterly FAKE (nothing more than 'moneyspinners").

Even if it becomes (Shakespeare's) "Death of 1,000 pricks" ... we know there are 1,000 pricks out there, running Maggot's Circuses.

Let's ABOLISH THESE Star Chambers ... and return to Grand Juries.

Then we wouldn't need the IPCC.

And the CPS would be limited to Prosecutions of Indictments raised by Grand Juries ... i.e. THE GRAND JURY DECIDES ... you Mr. CPS ... you just fucking DO it! And do it PROPERLY! Geddit!