Subject: Stitch-Up in Stevenage/St. Albans latest
From: Veronica
Date: 11/2/14 6:46 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Michael Doherty phoned St. Albans Crown Court, to try and find out what was happening about his High Court Appeal.

Just a reminder: Due to Michael "raising the stakes" ... by lodging a High Court Appeal ... the CPS (in the form of Prosecuting Barrister "Mr. Hadij") ... had requested (and paid for, using £1,000s of Public Money) ... for the recordings of the whole six days to be transcripted into Word Documents.

Michael was enquiring as to how far this had got. He learned that Hadij had been given until this coming Thursday, to respond to the transcripts.


1. It will be interesting to see how Hadij squirms his way out of the cozy relationship (Freemasonry?) he seemed to have with Judge Warner.

2. Michael will be given a copy of the transcripts ... which COULD be used as a 'script' to re-enact the St. Albans part of the Stitch-Up ... and turned into a DVD.

(Apparently a complete CD audio recording of the Stevenage part of the Stitch Up was also posted anonymously to Michael. So he has all that, as well)

But ... during the phone conversation, it transpired that one of the things the Clerk of the Court does, is to note down the times when things happen.

She recorded the last break to start at 10:53 am until resumption at 11:04 am.

That's 11 minutes.

This last break occurred immediately after Michael finished his defence, and was to give Judge Warner the time to create a Summing Up + his Verdict + AGREE IT with the two Nodding Dog Magistrates ...who sat either side throughout.

After the break, from 11:04 onwards, Warner read out his Summing Up ... AND IT TOOK HIM 25 MINUTES TO READ.

Errr ... so you - Judge Warner - wrote a 25-MINUTE-TO-READ-OUT Summing Up, and agreed it with your two Nodding Dogs ... IN ELEVEN MINUTES!!!!

No ... they can't even Stitch Up properly ... can they?

No mate! You had a cup of coffee ... and then read out what you had already written ... quite probably before the Appeal even started, back in August.

But it certainly wasn't written AFTER you had heard all the Defence's evidence!

They certainly can't get it right ... and they can't even get it WRONG ... PROPERLY.

(And the High Court now has to drag out its final decision ... until 15th September ... so that it can be used as "Bad Character" against Michael ... in his Tracey Murphy prosecution)

It's not impossible ... but it is going to be hard for them to get that bit wrong ... properly.

(Oh ... who would be them? "What a tangled web ...etc"?)