Subject: Dumbed down
From: Veronica
Date: 11/2/14 8:10 pm
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(From Mark)

hi veronica
Just joined a snooker club, and the owner (think he's a Sikh or he has a head injury ... lol). Anyway he's on the phone saying he's a magistrate. So being me, I just can't help myself. So ask him a few questions. He says it's definitely a court, got the coat of arms etc. so fuck! He says he's under oath and consent is not required. I tell him its not a court coz there is no jury end of story. Also I tell him HMCS is a "for profit trading company" and  that's all it is. He thinks he's under the jurisdiction of elizardbreath the second I tell him its most likely it's the Crown Corporation of London not her so-called maj, which of course we all know she ain't since she's in breach of oath anyway. I tell him its a court of presumption not a court of law at all, and can only deal with things etc. Talk about dumbed down and not a clue. Seems like a nice guy, but what I would call a "mushroom" i.e. kept in the dark and fed full of shite!
regards mark.
Well done, Mark!