Subject: Yet another "Mike"
From: Veronica
Date: 8/2/14 1:11 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

I've just (by the hand of fate) made contact with an old friend, called Mike.

We fought the Poll Tax together, in the early 1990s (Walton-on-Thames/Hersham/Weybridge area) ... and went on CND demos at Greenham Common, etc.

(Oh yes ... and we played guitar together)

He currently lives in Wales, and is fighting "Benefit Cuts".

As most on this list already know, our main fight has been to "stop them robbing us" ... but the other side of the coin is "to prevent them taking away what is ours, by Birthright" (i.e. "benefits" ... such as Old Age Pension ... in my case ... but also Sickness Benefit ... and so on ... as in Mike's case. Otherwise known as "fighting ATOS")

Mike is trying to get a 'group' together to "fight the cuts", and so ... if there is anyone on this list who has "benefit problems" I think it's a good idea if you let me know ... and I'll put you all in touch.

If you think you can contribute (even your stories on "How you wuz robbed") let me know please.

From "How you wuz robbed", analysed, could very well provide clues to "Making sure you ain't robbed in the future".

Personally speaking, I'm fairly 'light' on the aspect of benefits. My main thrust, last year, entailed fighting a Council Tax Demand, and pressure to sign the Electoral Register ... all refused. As well as encouraging direct action back, in the form of Private Criminal Prosecutions.