Subject: Tony Rooke ... STILL claiming 'victory"
From: Veronica
Date: 8/2/14 5:01 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

This is, apparently, still going around the Internet.

(That's just one example ... it's fucking EVERYWHERE).

For the NTH TIME:

1. He LOST the case. (Claiming "a moral victory" does not excuse the fact that the FUCKING CUNT LOST the case, and was FINED(*), and was told to get a TV Licence PRONTO!)

(* Actually not Fined ... but ordered to pay ... I seem to recall ... something like £250 COSTS. What's the difference between that and a Fine? I see very little difference. He was VERY LUCKY to come up against a Judge who was obviously in a good mood. VERY LUCKY ... it does happen ... but very rarely)

2. His "BBC argument" was utter garbage ... even if the Judge had accepted it ... which the Judge did not.

3. A Maggot's Circus was not even the correct venue to make that kind of argument (if if the argument had been valid)

4. The "9/11 lie" was NOT supported by anything he said.

5. The BBC left with SMILES - NOT EGG - on their faces.

6. Tony Rooke is a fucking CUNT, and hasn't a fucking clue.

This just goes to show that there is no substitute for actually scutinising the ACTUAL FACTS ... and not just proliferating "what other people post" around the Internet ... by simply "taking someone else's word" for things.

"Oh! It's in the papers ... it must be true!"

"Oh! It's on the TV ... it must be true!"

"Oh! It's on the Internet ... it must be true!"

Errr ... no.

This one had been round & round so many times it's reached the status of "urban legend".

That just shows how many MILLIONS OF people have forgotten what their brains are actually for.

I'm NOT 'getting' at anyone in particular (apart from Rooke, and his followers like Tony Farrell) ... but anyone with a half a functioning brain can - if you actually read what actually happened - see that Tony Rooke & his mates were just a bunch of fucking cunts, who hadn't a clue about anything very much.

FOR THE RECORD (yet again!)

The fact that the Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation announced the demise of Building WTC7 - 20 minutes before it actually collapsed - is IRRELEVANT to the "9/11 Lie".


Because they were undoubtedly told that WTC7 (Saloman Brothers Building) was to be destroyed.

They were doubtlessly given an approximate time.

I can't imagine any of them actually KNEW which building was the Saloman Brothers Building.

I certainly didn't on ... 11th September, 2001.

So ... there was delay in the demolition.

The BBC weren't told about the delay.

They announced it.

20 minutes later - after the unforeseen delay - WTC7 actually came down.

So what? So fucking what?

Is that a scenario that exposes the "9/11 Lie"?

Not ... it's not.

Not ... it is just a scenario that says "The BBC were not kept entirely up-to-date with what was happening".

Does the fact that the "building was demolished" expose the "9/11 Lie".

Not ... unless you think hard about it ... as I did in 2004:

The WTC Building 7 was demolished at 5:30pm on 911. It stands a block and a half away from the Twin Towers and was not hit by any aircraft. Larry Silverstein (the WTC leaseholder) has said on public TV that he agreed to demolish WTC7 on advice from the Fire Chief.

The Fire Chief had advised that there were fires in the building, and that they could not be controlled. How, then, did they manage to get in to the building, to lay all the demolition charges, ready to pull the demolition switch at 5:30pm that same day? The building would have been ‘pre-wired’, but the charges would not have been ‘pre-laid’, because (a) explosive materials degrade over time, and (b) who wants to work – day after day – in a building that could have accidentally exploded at any time … due to a fire, or electrical ‘short circuit’?

In order to ‘pull’ a building, fresh explosives have to be positioned where designed, and this takes considerable time and access. These activities must have taken place before 911, therefore. This means prior knowledge.

Tony Rooke ... and all those CUNTS who follow you ... I was way ahead of you ALL ... TEN YEARS ago!