Subject: More "TV Licence"
From: Veronica
Date: 8/2/14 2:50 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

(From Stuart ... my Acting First Minister, of Forvik):

The British Bullshit Corporation pays out £100,000 of (TV Licence money?) to those it UNLAWFULLY harasses.

In South Derbyshire Maggots Circus (where I was last Monday), we noted that there were about 60 'cases' listed, in that one Star Chamber (which they call a "Court"), alone.

About 50% were from "The Chief Constable" ... so that will be "Speeding" (most likely)

The other 50% were listed as "TV Licence". That will be 30 people ... just on that day alone ... who were sufficiently STUPID ... as to give their names to Crapita. (Probably 30 x 5 = 150 PER WEEK)

Since we were the only ones who turned up, the whole 60 will be rubber-stamped "Guilty".

And that's the Production Line.

And - ALL YOU HAVE TO DO ... is to tell Crapita to "Fuck off".

That's all it takes.

"Ms. Veronica Chapman?" ... "No ... fuck off"

"Who are you then?" ... "Mind your own fucking business ... and piss off"

"I'll come back with a Policeman" ... "He'd better have a Warrant then ... otherwise I'll tell him to fuck off, as well"

"He will arrest you!" ... "In that case, the first thing he will need to tell me as that 'I'm not obliged to say anything'. So ... what will he do? Arrest me for not saying anything? I know that Police are stupid, but they are not as stupid as you. So, for the last time ... SLING YOUR FUCKING HOOK!"