Subject: The British Bullshit Corporation ... exposed
From: Veronica
Date: 6/2/14 11:00 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

As James Corbett says ... only a tiny part of the utterly corrupt BBC is exposed in that video.

Watch through to the end, where he includes a plea to stop paying the TV Licence, and shows clips of what happens when the Goons call ... if you simply tell them NOTHING (especially not your Name!), and tell them to fuck off. AND DON'T LET THEM IN ... AND DON'T ARGUE WITH THEM ... AND DON'T DISCUSS ANYTHING WITH THEM.

I have years of experience at doing this.

True ... I don't have a TV anyway ... but I never tell them that ... since 1998 I've just told them to fuck off.

It always works. Never fails.

Including when they say: "See you in Court, then!" ... WHO are they going to "see in Court" ... if you've not confirmed your Name? Answer: THEY ARE FUCKED.

You can tell them that you have "Withdrawn their Implied Right of Access". The TV Licence Organisation ... aka Crapita ... are well aware of what that means, these days. (They've been told enough times. It's even on their website, saying "If Implied Right of Access is withdrawn, then we will use other means". THEY HAVE NO "OTHER MEANS").


"Admit NOTHING" ... and they have nothing.

I have a stack of their letters (all unopened)  ... about 2 inches high, now ... all addressed to "The Legal Occupier" or "The Present Occupier".

(Not that I care, but) I'm not an "Occupier". I didn't enter the premises "by force" (as Afghanistan & Iraq ... and Hawaii ... were "entered/occupied by force")

Even if they managed to write to "Ms Veronica Chapman" ... I'd still ignore them.

They are nothing ... and have no right to exist.

You should not pay ... to be lied to incessantly.

It is THE EASIEST rebellion possible, because you are dealing with COMPLETE morons.