Subject: What a very, very silly thing tor The Cancer Business to do ..
From: Veronica
Date: 5/2/14 10:58 am
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(From Patrick)

(For clarification ... something Patrick tends to avoid ... which means that his sarcasm goes over most people's heads ... is this.

When you read the article in the Daily Fail, what it is ACTUALLY saying ... BUT DOESN'T REALISE IT ... is that ONLY 2 people died, out of 800 who 'missed out on' orthodox cancer treatment.

Or, putting it another way, THE POSSIBILITY OF DYING ... the RISK YOU RUN ... by REFUSING or MISSING OUT ON (due to 'clerical errors') orthodox cancer treatment ... IS A VERY SMALL RISK ... and nothing remotely like the "enormous" risk that The Cancer Business will claim.

That article is a positive argument FOR 'that kind of clerical error'! The more we have of that kind of clerical error, the less people die)

810 patients failed to get the treatment : 2 died ...  and   The Cancer Business put it in a major newspaper

shades of

 "If one has cancer and  opts to do nothing at all, he will live longer and feel better than if he undergoes  radiation,  chemotherapy or surgery  ..."    Prof HB Jones

"Patients who presented early and were treated in less than 30 days had significantly worse outcomes... the drive for all women with possible breast cancer to be seen within 14 days ... is not supported by this study."    Sainsbury, Johnston, Haward.  -  Lancet 1999 353  p1132.

“The vast majority of patients with cancer live longer and better if left without the orthodox treatments.”  Francisco Contreras MD,  oncologist      “Women with breast cancer are likely to die faster with chemo than without.” Allen Levin MD,  oncologist.     

     The Journal of the American Medical Association  1979 Feb 2      p 489 & 1992 – 257 p 2191 : Cancer 1981-47  p 27 : New England Journal of Medicine 1984 Mar. p 737 & 1986  May p 967 : Lancet  1991 Aug. p 901 :  ..  all confirm that those patients who avoid orthodox cancer treatments live longer than those treated.   
The reason: Because the ORTHODOX TREATMENT ... The Cancer Business Treatment ... the NHS/BMA-Approved treatment  ...IS WORSE - for the average Human Body - THAN THE DISEASE.

And this would not be quite so bad, if it were not for the fact that the CORRECT treatment for cancer has been known, and available, since 1930 ... Vitamin B17 aka 'correct diet'.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT (drink & breathe).

Apparently Hayley Mills started chemo, and didn't like what it did to her.

So she stopped chemo.


And, apparently, she's still on Telly.

Well, well, well! Rock on Hayley!