Subject: Rule No. 1
From: Veronica
Date: 5/2/14 12:34 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

I continually have to keep quoting this Rule.


So ... whenever you tell me "We they should do", or "What they must do" ... I just e-mail back Rule No. 1.

There is only one way to tackle them: Paint them into a corner.

I tried that in Derbyshire, last Monday ... and it worked.

The Clerk said: "Who are you?" and I said "I'm the Lay Advocate for this man, with Power of Attorney"

And the Clerk said: "This Court does not allow that, you have no right to speak or address this Court".

And so I painted him right into a corner, by saying: "Do you want this matter resolved?"

And he said "Yes, of course we do"

So I said "Then you'll have no option but to continue talking to me"

And the result was that he HAD TO carry on talking to me ... for about another 12 minutes ... because the boot was then on my foot ... to a large extent ... resulting in him grabbing a lifeline ... which was to offer us an Adjournment until the 24th February, so as to be able to initiate an Appeal.

My Law worked better than his "Legal" (bollox).

Because I gave him no option.

What was he going to say? "No, we don't want this matter resolved"?

And that's the only way, I think you'll find.

But hey! Don't let me try to stop you reading all the other bollox available on the Internet ... including all those videos of "how to do it".

I can answer you ... with Rule No. 1 any old time!

(Including a situation whereby I got an e-mail, from someone, saying "They had done everything that Dean Clifford had said ... and it didn't work ... now what do I do Veronica?". My reply was: "You'll have to ask Dean Clifford").

Anyway, I'm not out to spoil your fun!

But me? I get my fun in very strange ways. For example, watching that Clerk's cheeks get redder & redder as I argued with him in front of three psychopaths.

Especially when I just laughed out loud, at his suggestion that the Maggots could create an Arrest Warrant for the Birth Certificate. Just couldn't help it!