Subject: More about the Monarchs of Merrie England.
From: Veronica
Date: 5/2/14 2:24 pm
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(James has reminded me of some comments I was going to make about Greg Hallet's research & claims about the Monarchy, since Queen Victoria.

I was laughing so much about their utter illegitimacy ... to even claim ANYTHING ... including some "Divine Right of Kings" ... I mean WTF is that ... anyway ... and with all the cross-sire-ing going on ... I forgot to mention Baldrick's Report)

Here's the link:

What Tony Robinson discovered is that everything ... from Edward IV onwards ... is actually illegitimate.

So ... what Greg Hallet reports is very interesting ... and very damning of their imbecilic nature ... but his Portuguese friend's claims are fundamentally irrelevant, anyway.

Of course EVERY claim to the ABSURD SUPERSTITION of "The Divine Right of Kings" is ludicrous.