Subject: Council Tax
From: Veronica
Date: 5/2/14 9:20 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Summary … from information supplied by Peter Croll:

One of the quickest ways to get rid of the Council Tax bailiffs is to insist they show you the Warrant of Execution”.

They don't have them, so their form 'Notice of Execution of Distress Warrant' is fraudulent”.

The reason is this:

If you inspect Form N323 … ... “Request for Warrant of Execution” … you’ll see a space at the  top right for the COUNTY Court, and Claim Number.

This is because it is in a COUNTY Court that claims (for “money”) are processed, which result in a CCJs.

A CCJ will be associated with a Claim Number.

The Maggot’s Circus doesn’t ever ‘prove’ anything. They just rubber-stamp … as we know.

Furthermore we know that the Council doesn’t even lodge any ‘LEGAL OR LAWFUL complaint’ … it just goes ahead, prints its own “Court look-alike” Summonses, and runs its own “paid-for” Liability Hearings.

To lodge a ‘LEGAL enforcement of a monetary demand’ it would have to go to a COUNTY Court!

So it never even kicks off as any remotely valid “Claim Process”. Because, if it were making a Claim … … for money … it would have to go to the COUNTY Court … not a Magistrates Court.

The Council would have to get a CCJ.

Then it would be possible to fill in Form N323 and “Request a Warrant of Execution” … because it would have the County Court Name & the CCJ/Claim Number.

If they haven’t filled in Form N323 and REQUESTED a Warrant of Execution, then they can’t possibly have a Warrant of Execution … can they?

If they don’t possess a Warrant of Execution … then they have ZERO standing to do ANYTHING AT ALL.

Why is this? Simply because of the QUANTITY. The ‘system’ (of due process) cannot possibly cope with the QUANTITY of Complaints/Claims that would be necessary.

Bear in mind, one Liability Hearing will rubber-stamp THOUSANDS of Council Tax demands at one morning sitting! (Assuming no-one turns up … which is most likely).

“Corners” are cut to the bone, in order to create some form of enforcement mechanism. Which only ‘works’ by deception and intimidation AND PEOPLE NOT KNOWING THEIR RIGHTS!

Unfortunately, if you cut ANY corner, it will completely invalidate any ‘enforcement’.