Subject: Baldrick has a go at the End-Timers
From: Veronica
Date: 5/2/14 6:13 pm
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He gets a lot right ... and a hell of a lot wrong.

"666" is already there, mate ... in every Bar Code ... the three Guide Bars (one each end, and one in the centre ... allowing a swipe in either direction) ... then problem is that the "6"s are in Binary Code ... so you wouldn't recognise it, mate.

The United Nations was founded by Nazis. The Charter was written by Nazis. Kurt Waldheim (Nazi) was Secretary-General during the 1970s. It's and attempt to kick-start a New World Order ... which you could easily call an "Antichrist".

But ... yes ... I fundamentally agree, Baldrick ... armageddon as fed up with the Evangelist's total fucking idiocy as you are ...