Subject: Oh! Whoops! Cancer-detection causes ... errr ... errm ... cancer ...
From: Veronica
Date: 4/2/14 1:50 pm
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(From Patrick)

... says the New York Times:

Of course, early diagnosis thanks to medical imaging can be lifesaving.
Is, of course, utter crap. If you have cancer, then you've had it for eight years before it is detectable (*) by means of these machines. Ergo ... these machines will invariably just make the situation worse. (Including Breast Screening!)

(* By counting the cancer cells 'today', it is possible to back-calculate the start ... as 8 years previously).

PS One of the reasons I'm sure I'm off any GP's list ... is because I used to get letters offering me Breast Screening. I think they got a bit upset when I wrote back asking them how many people, per year, they had killed.