Subject: Re: South Derbyshire Magistrates Court 3rd February 2014
From: Veronica
Date: 3/2/14 11:54 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

I received this question from Theo:
Reading what you wrote however it looks like the appeal is in magistrates court as they are adjourning until 24th. Have I misunderstood?

They have given us until the 24th to create a Crown Court Appeal.

If we create that Appeal ... then - on the 24th - the Magistrates Court will wipe their hands of the matter ... because the whole issue will have been passed to Crown Court.

All that will be necessary ... on the 24th ... will be to show documentation of the Appeal as being up & running.

IF WE DON'T do that, then the Magistrates Court will simply uphold the original conviction, and it will be all over (they will chase for payment of the Fine).

We will be treading in the footsteps of Michael Doherty who - having been 'convicted' in Stevenage - then created a Crown Court Appeal in St. Albans.

The Crown Court Appeal will be a re-run of the original Hearing ... but this time it will be in front of a Crown Court Judge (+ 2 Magistrates sitting either side, probably).

The Hearing will be run 'properly' ... assuming the Judge isn't as obviously & blatantly biased as Judge Stephen Warner, in St. Albans. (If it turns out that the Judge IS biased ... then we will continue in Michael's steps by lodging a complaint - about the Judge - with the Office of Judcial Complaints + a higher Appeal to the High Court, London)

Crown Court Judges tend to follow the rules much more than Magistrates Courts.

We will have the chance to make all the arguments we wish to make (without being shouted down).