Subject: Michael Doherty on the BBC, this coming Sunday
From: Veronica
Date: 30/1/14 5:39 pm
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"Sunday Politics" show, hosted by Andrew "Brillo Pad" Neil.

Sunday 2nd February, 11:00 BBC 1

While I was in Luton yesterday, Michael was interview by the Beeb.

The Sunday Politics show will be about the State Mercenaries being issued with Body-worn Cameras. The debate will be whether or not they should be forced to switch them on for EVERY interaction with members of the public.

Of course, the State Mercenaries only want to make such recordings when 'they decide'.

Which means the entire system is open to full abuse.

There will only be some short clips of Michael.

PS Why was I in Luton yesterday? Michael & I did a Radio Interview on the Pete Santilli Show (GuerillaMediaNetwork), "Reynolds Reveals": ... Episode 39