Subject: "Here we go again!"
From: Veronica
Date: 28/1/14 6:02 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Apparently there is someone, called Karl Lentz, now “doing the rounds”. Talking a load of complete horseshit about the “Queen’s Bench Division” … as in … “You say this … they say that” … and … “with one bound you are FREE!!!

(Like all the rest) Completely ignoring ROOL NUMERO UNO: THEY DO NOT – NECESSARILY - OBEY THEIR OWN ROOLS!!!! (Except if you get lucky).

But isn’t that exactly what you are planning to do in Derby, Veronica?

No … I’ll be doing almost exactly the opposite … minimising ‘Their’ Rools … and applying MY OWN ROOLS.

First ROOL: To attempt to ‘take over’ the conversation … by anticipating their skulduggery as much as possible … and using it in the same way the Judo utilises the momentum of an attacker against that attacker.

Will that work?

How the fuck do I know?

What I know DOESN’T WORK … is trying to use ‘Their’ ROOLS against them.

However, using ‘Their’ SKULDUGGERY against ‘Them' … has yet to be tried.